My Inner Sacred

I walked the dogs to the park.
I lay on the slide,
and looked to the sky.
No stars,
not tonight.
But it looked beautiful, anyway.

I had forgotten what it was like to find peace.

In the summer,
often I would go to the river
with its wide rock face,
the river up against it.
Singular trees to give the water its privacy.


Green moss on solid rocks.

I would go to play there.
By myself.
Splashing in the waters.
Stacking up rocks.
Daring as deep as I dared
a few times I went as deep as my belly,
even though I had to walk back,
with wet clothes upon my body,
for the public to see.

I had forgotten about those days.

Today I lay on the slide,
a solid structure.
And I looked to the sky.

“Change me Divine Beloved, into one who chooses Love over fear.”

Upon arriving home
and closing the door,
a feeling came over me.
Similar to deja vu,
but not that.

This feeling said,
it said,
it whispered,
You can do it all.”

It almost feels like a sin to
post this on here.
To share my private personalised

Ready for you
to strip it bare
with your intellect.

Writing this down,
being in this timeless space,
this Inner Truth,
it feels sacred.
All is well.



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