Kundalini · shamanism

Kundalini Cloud

Nature is Magic. We, are Magic.

The sky is being especially beautiful today.

Whilst on the bus on my way home from work I gasped with my mouth in awe at the clouds in the sky. Glorious, magnificent and majestic glowing birds in the sky. Birds made of cloud that is. Glowing from the Sun shining through them.

A few hours after this I was in for an even better treat.

I took the dogs into our make-shift garden. Ellie, our Patterdale, sniffed out for her chosen stick of the moment, which happened to be a long piece of wood, and brought it over to me, eyes popping with excitement, for me to throw.

I threw it once and then gazed up at the sky.


A stretched out cloud held my gaze. It looked identical to a spine, vertebra by vertebra, reaching out into the soft folding blues of the sky. Shade by shade melting into the seams of one another. A sharp wisp of cloud spiralled around the elegant and bare spine. I instantaneously thought of Kundalini.

How wonderful I thought. As, half an hour before this sight, I had had a powerful meditation. Kundalini shooting up my spine; leaping and bounding through my body. A powerful, yet warm energy coursing through my veins.

And then. And then, I saw a rainbow of colours very slowing drifting across the vertabrae. Shimmering and changing.


Where is that rectangular block of rainbow colours coming from? Am I seeing things? And it’s moving… Up and across the luminous spine.

“Mum!! Come look at this! I need to make sure I’m not seeing things!”

Out she comes to investigate what I’m shouting about.

“Can you see that little rainbow?!”

“Oh yes!” She says. And we marvel at the enchanting colours together. Neither of us had seen this before.

She meanders back into the house, as I continue to gape at the sky.

The little precious rainbow begins to fade. And as it fades, it wraps around a few vertebra. And as the colours fade, it appears to glow even more brightly, as though it had been infused with the spirit of a magical, mischievous and divine entity, transforming from reds to blues to gold to gone.


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