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Let It Break You.


Artist unknown {Source}











She feels weightless gravity

Starry skies above her face

As she is levitated upwards

      She cries internal agony

Not yet strong enough for the world to see her tears.

Words escape her

All there is, is this pain

A chambered ribcage echoing her screams

These screams can’t escape her lips

Jolts ripple through her body


Making her body quiver staccato

Trapped in a sheet of manipulating lightning



Her body it rises

Centred in the middle of a ruined tower

Dark, hardened grey, with glittering crystal compressed particles.

Upon a bare hill, centred

Amongst a tangled, enigmatic, but looming forest.

The forest, is beautiful.

The light passing into darkness

She can feel how the leaves catch, reflect and refract the light.

There is music.

Being played, somewhere in the forest.

The melody it takes her,

It effortlessly lifts her body,

Higher and higher

Above the trees

Closer to the stars but still in this world.

The melody, cradles her like a familiar comfort,

The invisible to eyes

Entanglement of notes harmonious,

Are carrying her to a boy

Awaiting her corporeal body

Tenderly her flesh meets the soft blades of green grass enmeshed with moss.

The boy whispers, gently in her ear, sounds carried upon the spirits,
“Let it take you.
Let it shake you.
Let it shatter you.
Let it break you.”

Again the boy speaks, but louder this time. His voice beginning to rattle with an almighty power as he reaches the last line,
“Let it take you.
Let it shake you.
Let it shatter you.

His voice softens to the hum of butterfly wings fluttering,
“For only, when you are open to being broken,
will your heart begin to heal.
Let the thunderstorms of betrayal ripple through your body.
Let the currents of torment tear at your skin.
Let it crack and crush your bones.
As your scream and shake and tremble like a wounded animal.
Remembering what you really are.
Who you really are.
Trusting your body.
To process.
To heal.

For only, when you are open to being broken, will your heart begin to heal.

Let your fears burn away from the blazing light of vulnerability.”



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