Lissa Rankin

My Story

My spiritual journey, my journey back to Self, started from an early age. However, it wasn’t until I started University in 2012 that my journey was forced to speed up immensely. You see, I had attracted a stalker into my life. The trauma went on to pull at my mind, twisting it this way and that way. Pulling at the cracks and allowing once repressed traumatic memories to come bubbling up to the surface. I also experienced the most intense heartbreak I have yet experienced. And add to that the normal stresses and pressures of University life. Life became increasingly difficult for me. I was pushed to the edges of my sanity. To make matters even more debilitatingly confusing for me, I had been awakened to my Kundalini energy — to help me as I couldn’t deal with the trauma as I was. But a Kundalini awakening can be unfortunately frightening. As we aren’t taught about it. But I had been awakened to my innate ability to heal myself. And I have been following my intuition ever since.

As I write this, it is the 1st October 2016. And I am still working through repressed traumas. However, my ability to listen to my InnerBeing, my InnerChild, my Soul, Spirit, whatever you may wish to call it, has developed greatly.

I feel called to train in Shamanism and Quantum Liberation. As well as feeling called to further my studies in Anthropology.

My writing journey began as a way of healing. I suffered agonisingly because I didn’t know how to be vulnerable with my pain. It felt as though there was simply too much of it. It literally felt that by opening up to people about it would kill me. I believed so strongly that people would reject me for it. Or, I would see the fear in another’s eyes; therefore confirming my worst fears: I was beyond repair; beyond being loveable. So I began to write about my story as a way of telling the world whilst still protecting myself in some way.

In a short space of time, the Universe has given me a demanding handful of lessons. I felt as though I had two choices. Die from the pain of trauma (and I’m really not being dramatic here), or find ways to heal. Find ways to trust and follow the breadcrumbs. Thankfully I did the latter. For reasons still fairly unknown to me, I just couldn’t seek professional help. I felt as though I had to do it by myself. To know that I was able. It felt like an initiation. To find my innate power. And from what I have read, it feels like a shamanic initiation. But I am very much still a student of the world.

I have created this webspace so that I can share what I have learnt. Whether that is expressed through poetry, through short stories, through articles or through artwork.

I have overcome a huge amount in a short amount of time. I have found my innate healing powers. I would love to do what I can to help you find yours.

Bethany x